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Alu-Rex Gutter Protection

The gutter clean system can be installed into your existing eavestrough. Your eavestrough will not clog! Leaves, debris, snow and ice remain on top of the product, leaving rain gutter functional at all times.

In summer: When an eavestrough is clogged by leaves and debris, water cannot drain, and will automatically flow toward the home, causing water infiltration. The Gutter Clean System stops leaves and debris from clogging the gutter, reducing water infiltration.

In winter: The Gutter Clean System lets eavestroughs function normally throughout the year. A rain gutter clogged by snow and ice in the winter does not function correctly. During rains or warmer weather, water will seep into the home since it cannot be drained by the rain gutter.

  • Does not rust, crack, chip or warp
  • Does not fall into the eavestrough under the weight of snow and debris.


You rain gutters will drain normally when it rains or the weather warms up.

Protect from the expansion of ice as it thaws and refreezes inside of the eavestrough.