Steel Roofs

Steel roofing is an excellent way to protect your roof for the very last time with the “Do it right, do it once” approach.

Steel Tile’s roofing systems offer more style, more protection, and more durability to suit your home or cottage. Styles include the Spanish and Dutch clay profiles, along with the Slate Shake, all available with the PVC coated finish which assures a 50 year warranty.

Some advantage to the steel roofing, besides the 50 year warranty, are benefits such as custom cut full, (one piece) lengths, measured to fit your roof which seals for virtually a leak-proof system. Did you know that this roofs weight is far less than asphalt shingles?

Steel Tile Roofing can also be installed over existing roofing - no need to strip off the old shingles and no disposal feeds.

This allows less stress on your roof’s structural rafter or tresses system. Snow-belt area roofs also benefit because snow slides off instead of sticking to shingles and accumulating.

VICWEST steel roofing provides an affordable priced 5000 series painted system which offers great value and protection. With years of worry-free roofing.

The Katech profile simulates the classic clay tile appearance. With a 3/4" step every 16" along the panels, this panel suits a variety of applications...

The Slate Shake profile depicts a real slate or cedar shake roof. A 5/8" step repeats every 16" along the panel creating a defined appearance with far...

Classic Standing Seam Style - our #1 choice for roofing on a budget. SuperVic profile gives you the classic look of standing seam in a cost-effective...